Friday, 18 January 2008

Goals for 2008: all on track.

As New Year resolutions are usually thought out in the negative (I must count down on…I must stop…I must try not to… - you fill in the blanks), they are dead and buried beneath the rubble of everyday life within a few weeks of being made.

Ever the optimist and probably somewhat infuriating, this year I made my resolutions all about writing. For instance; attend a course, expand my website, get 30 pieces published, get more items published offline, read more poetry...You get the idea.

I’m happy with the year so far; I’ve already have had two poems, six haiku and a flash fiction piece accepted, and I’ve expanded my website and am proud of its new features. I’ve spotted (but am yet to book) an intriguing Arvon course and am smilingly focused.

But another (small yet giant) step has been made; my three submissions for the Six Sentences Volume I publication have been accepted meaning I will have more items published offline. Fantastic!

This brings to three conclusions: 1. I need to increase the target limit for published items. 2. I need to keep the pace to achieve my aims. 3. I made the right choice with my resolutions.

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