Monday, 7 January 2008

On being on fire.

It’s been a busy weekend and I am now taking a break for the rest of the day to read. Some Neruda would go down well...

Since mid December I have now managed to put out thirteen submissions which are currently sitting in various places including; Wolf, Magma, Decomposed, Mslexia, Interpoetry, Open Wide and The Ranfurly Review. I said this was the year for me to get in print; as you can see, I meant it.

Some submissions will be over ambitious, a few won´t be what they’re looking for and others will be snapped up; or so I believe. This is what past experience has taught me; but my work is more polished now and from somewhere my confidence has kicked back in. I’m a human comet. It gets refused? It gets reworked. Simple.

The weekend has been very successful; I’ve realised the genius of MySpace which has tentatively put me in contact with the striking Jacob Sam-La Rose and wonderfully humble Angela Readman (who turns out to have a mutual friend).

Mario Petrucci reviewed what I’d written about his poem “In Touch”, and some other poets have agreed to let me review their work, with the promise of a reply on the commentary pending – you’ll have to wait!

And guess what? They’re all so very…human! They’re honest and helpful despite being fantastically busy with much more important ventures than someone starting out like myself can offer. This just gives me more hope. So thanks, guys.

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